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A long weekend WSET binge

I’ve spoken to many people over the past year about my adventures learning with WSET, the Wine Spirit and Education Trust. I’ve also shared my journey in posts here and there, but not all in one go – that changes now.

As we head into our first summer long weekend I wanted to bring you a post filled with lots of things to read. I’m spending this long weekend at the cottage and with family and just before I close my laptop and truly turn off I leave you with a round-up of posts about all things WSET.



They looked so fresh and innocent back in the beginning…

My journey with WSET

Learning wine with WSET

Feeling my way through the WSET level 2 course.

The point of WSET level 3

Why bother taking a course to learn about wine?

Tasting with WSET level 3

Learning about WSET’s systematic approach to tasting, or SAT.

Waiting for WSET

How I filled my time waiting for my WSET level 3 results.

The WSET results are in

In which I finally get my WSET 3 results, and they’re good!


Are you thinking of taking a WSET course? Get in touch, I’m happy to talk to you about it!


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