photo by Dahlia Katz

About me

Hi, I’m Meg. By day I work in Toronto as a communications professional – by night I am an avid wine and beer lover, home cook and lifelong learner.

Wine and beer have been in my life for a long time, from getting to know wine with my family at Sunday dinners to sneaking sips of my Dad’s Labatt Blue growing up. Over time I got used to the taste and learning the basics of food pairing.

Then three things happened…

  1. The craft beer industry in Ontario blew up and suddenly the beers around me were may more interesting. I started doing ‘beer tours’ where I could try out beers I’d never had before. It wasn’t long before I’d tasted my way through all the beers at my local shop.
  2. Over the years I’ve spent many hours and many bottles sipping and learning. I’ve spent a fair amount of time and energy working toward getting officially certified in the wine world. Since I also love traveling and trying new things I’ve also made my way to many of the local breweries and wineries around me. I’m always trying the newest thing and checking out the latest trends.
  3. I realized that I’ve always been a writer and finally accepted my desire to share my writing. Yes, I was the weirdo in your high school English class who actually looked forward to writing all those essays.

With this history, it’s no surprise that I became a wine and beer blogger.

A taste of Palate Practice

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