Palate Practice is a place where wine is life, and where you can come to ask your most embarrassing wine-related questions and be met with love and answers.


About Me

Hi, I’m Meg. By day I work in Toronto as an arts administrator and communications professional – by night I am an avid wine and beer lover, home cook and lifelong learner.

I began my wine journey with my family at Sunday dinners, getting used to the taste and learning the basics of food pairing. When I met my Stepdad I got much more serious about wine. An experienced wino himself, he is endlessly generous with his knowledge and his cellar and turned me from casual admirer to full-on enthusiast.

Over the years I’ve spent many hours and many bottles sipping and learning. I’ve added winery tours and structured tastings to the mix and then spent a fair amount of time and energy working toward getting officially certified. Besides wine I also love craft beer and am always trying the newest thing and checking out the latest trends.

I’ve also always been a writer. I was the weirdo in your high school English class who actually looked forward to writing all those essays. Knowing this history, it’s no surprise that I decided to join the ranks of the multitude of bloggers out there.


A Taste of Palate Practice

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