Hi, I’m Meg



About Me

By day I work in Toronto as an arts administrator and communications professional – by night I am an avid wine and beer lover, home cook and lifelong learner.


My Wine Story

I began my wine journey with my family at Sunday dinners, acquiring the taste and learning the basics. When I met my Stepdad I got much more serious about wine. An experienced wino himself, he is generous with his knowledge (and with his extensive cellar!) and has helped turn me from casual admirer to lifelong learner and full-on enthusiast.

With that foundation it’s not surprising that I then started drinking beer with more intention than your average university student. I began doing what I called ‘beer tours’, which consisted of buying rounds of beer from the local store with one caveat – it had to be new to me. It didn’t take long to taste my way through the entire beer section of the lcbo and to create a habit of always looking for the next new thing.

I’ve spent many hours and many bottles sipping and learning, and have added winery and brewery tours and structured tastings to my self-made roster of lessons. Now that I’m well on the path to wine and beer nirvana I want to bring my experience and perspective to the wider beverage-enjoying world and get to know other wine and beer geeks out there.


Join me on this adventure to taste, learn, experience, and yes, to drink.