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WTF is Acidity?

May 24, 2018

Welcome to another edition of Wine WTFs! In this series we’ll explore wine terms and ideas and try to figure out what the fuss is all about. Last time we talked about wtf the deal is with tannins.

You drink it in your coffee and your coke. You love it in your salads and sometimes even clean your house with it.

You’ve heard of it in the context of wine, but aren’t quite sure you know what it means, much less how to identify it.

Seriously, wtf is acidity?

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4 Tips on Hosting Your Very Own Wine Tasting

April 26, 2018

A couple of weekends ago I made a trip home to my parents’ house for my brother Nick’s annual birthday wine tasting. Since I’ve bragged to you about how great they are before I thought that this time around I would shake it up. Instead of a recap I’ve decided to bring you, dear reader, into the tradition.

Hosting your own wine tasting is simple and fun. Here are four tips to get you started.

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The WSET Results Are In

July 20, 2017

[You guys, I don’t mean to make a big thing of it or anything, but this is my 100th post. !!! Does this mean I get a giant slab cake like they do for tv shows? #milestone]

I think the universe might have been listening to my last WSET post – a few hours after it went out into the world I got an email from the college where I took the course to say that my results were in and to expect them in the mail within the next week. FINALLY!

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Wine Websites Across the Internet

May 25, 2017

It’s probably no surprise that when I’m not learning or writing about wine I’m often reading about it. Yes, I’m a little obsessed! But there’s so much to know!

These are some of the places I’ve found online that keep me coming back again and again. They consistently have great stories and information and some of them are written by people I know. If you’re looking to branch out in your wine reading, take a look at these websites.

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Tasting With WSET Level 3

March 9, 2017

I’m now past the halfway point in my journey through WSET level 3. I’ve begun studying for the exam (50 multiple choice questions, 4 short answer questions and 2 blind tastings – one white and one red) but am still waiting for my confidence to show. I had a similar problem with the last class I took – it wasn’t until the last few weeks of class that I finally started feeling like ‘hey, I think I can do this!’. Hopefully that feeling comes to my WSET studies soon. Better late than never, I suppose.


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The Point of WSET Level 3

February 23, 2017
woman with wine

I’m now past the halfway point of my WSET 3 classes, and I’ve started to notice something as I explain with enthusiasm what I’m doing and how it’s going.

People’s eyes tend to glaze over. I can see them start to nod and smile, not really knowing or understanding why I’m talking so animatedly.

This leads me to wonder…


What is the point of WSET level 3?

(or any wine course, for that matter)

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Long and Lasting Wines

January 5, 2017

In my internet wanderings I often come across questions relating to wine, and now that I feel like I know some things about things I thought I’d share what I would say to someone who asked me these questions.


How long can wine last in optimal conditions?


First of all, let’s talk about what ‘optimal conditions’ are when it comes to storing wine.


Ideally you want to store wine in a place that fits three main criteria: cool, dark, and dry. Light, heat and dampness** can all wreak havoc either on the cork or the wine, so you want to try and curb these things as much as possible if you plan to hold on to a bottle for more than a few months.


**Edit: My wonderful stepdad (and personal wine oracle) has gently reminded me that dampness is not quite the red flag I thought it was. Also, I forgot that wines also like to age undisturbed – jostling them around or moving them too much can shorten the life of a wine. The more you know!


So, how long can a wine last in these conditions? Well, like many things in life, it depends. On what, you ask? Read on to find out.


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Ups and Downs of Recent Wine Learnin’

December 8, 2016


As I mentioned earlier this year I’ve been taking a wine course at a local college as part of a bigger plan to get my WSET Level 3 certification. I was worried about the jump from WSET level 2 to level 3 so I’ve been taking this other course to help fill some knowledge gaps and get practice on blind tasting, something I still find quite intimidating.

Since September I’ve been spending my Tuesday evenings in a classroom, writing notes about soil and climate and trying my best not to embarrass myself during tastings. This week was the final exam and though I really enjoyed it, the course really kicked my butt.

I know, what a weird statement. It’s just wine, right? How hard can it be??




Tasting is a Game of Persistence and Practice

I was nervous for the blind tasting part of this course. In fact, the exercise of tasting wines blind and trying to identify them was my entire reason for taking this course and not just plowing through to WSET level 3. I can now proudly say that I don’t think I completely suck at tasting, but does that mean I have a good track record for correctly identifying wines?




That’s cute.

No, correctly identifying wines from a few whiffs and sips is still incredibly challenging. I am getting better at it though, and feel confident enough to continue with the plan to take a WSET level 3 course over the next few months, so silver linings and all that.


Italy, my Everest

Italy is hard, you guys. Like, really hard. Much more difficult to figure out than France, which I attribute to a few key reasons:

  • You know how France has a bunch of regions and you’re just supposed to know the grapes used in that region when buying a bottle? Italy is like that, only with a bajillion more regions and often a few different kinds of ‘typical’ wines in each region. It’s a ridiculously large amount of information to learn in the span of a few weeks.
  • Also like France, the Italian wine industry is old and famous and well-loved and has pretty strict rules, which means the delicious stuff tends to be out of my price range. Amarones and Barolos will continue to be wines I gaze at longingly on store shelves for the foreseeable future.
  • On top of the cost (or maybe because of the cost) I don’t drink Italian wine much, which means my taste tends toward others things, which means that my palate is so far out of its depth with Italian wine that tasting these wines blind becomes a bit of a joke.

Clearly I have some remedial studying to do…




The (New) World is my Oyster

Fortunately, where I floundered with Italy, I flourished with the new world. Maybe it’s because the labels are more helpful, or because the wines are more affordable (and therefore my palate is more familiar with them), or because I happen to live near a fantastic wine region. Whatever the reason, I had a much easier time learning about wines from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, America and Canada.

To give some perspective, where my tasting notes were sadly sparse and I correctly identified zero of three wines on my Italy test, on my new world test my tasting notes were much more detailed and I correctly identified all four varietals and three of four regions. Totally vindicated!




Onward and Upward

So Wines II at George Brown College is done and dusted. I should get my marks back in a few weeks but I feel confident in my knowledge and tasting ability, which was the whole point of taking the course. I finally feel ready to tackle WSET Level 3, which is good because I start in January.


Have you ever thought about taking a wine course?