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How to Open a Bottle of Wine

When I first started drinking wine I was happy to taste new wines but was timid about opening bottles. I was especially intimidated by the waiter’s corkscrew, which people always made look really easy but I could never seem to use correctly. Luckily, I had some private wine-opening tutoring care of my parents and now prefer the waiter’s corkscrew over any other model.

I would be remiss in this whole knowledge-transfer business if I didn’t show how to open a bottle with my favourite kind of corkscrew, so I made a video about it.

Watch and learn, friends! (And enjoy a cameo by Yours Truly at the end)

(Thanks to Silvana, Fran, Rachel, Michelle, Jill and Natalia for being such great collaborators on the making of this video!)

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  1. I had a lot of fun making this video with the team!

  2. So…what happens if the cork breaks?…
    I’m sure there’s an easier way than chipping at it with a knife and then pushing the remaining little cork in the bottle and drinking bits of cork….

    • There are a couple things you can do. If the cork is still sturdy enough you can try the corkscrew again and get the partial cork out that way. You’re right though, sometimes the only thing you can do is push the broken cork into the bottle. If I have to do this I usually strain the wine into glasses or a decanter so we’re not all munching on cork as we enjoy a glass.

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