Movin’ on up – Photoshoot Fun

A couple of weekends ago, on a muggy Sunday morning, I made my way to a little Spanish restaurant in the middle of the city. It wasn’t opened yet, but that was the point – I had the pleasure of working with the incomparable Dahlia Katz on a photoshoot for this blog.

We spent a couple of hours chatting, posing, and taking shots. In front of the bar, behind the bar, in the front window, further into the dining room, in a variety of poses and stances.

This photoshoot was such a great time!!

Dahlia is a fantastically talented photographer, and put me at such ease that the whole thing felt more like hanging out with a new friend instead of what it could have been – an awkward attempt to not look like an idiot. Luckily there was never a danger of that while I was in Dahlia’s hands.

Here are some of my favourite shots:


Yaaaaaaaaaaas wiiiiiiiiiine

Oh, hello… 🙂

Oh hey, just hanging out – WITH WINE

Ahahahaha wine is HILARIOUS

My babies!

These shots are one piece of a few that I’m planning for the blog over the next little while. Stay tuned for other small-but-meaningful changes that will usher in a new phase for Palate Practice. I hope you’re excited, I definitely am.

Massive thanks to Dahlia for these amazing shots and to Cava Restautrant for allowing us to play in their empty dining room. It was so much fun!


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