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Noble Grape Challenge, White Wine

Riesling, the Wine Lover’s Grape

It’s time for the next installment of the Noble Grape Challenge. Last time around we began the second half of the challenge by getting to know Pinot Grigio. Now it’s time to move on to one of my favourite white varietals – Riesling!

About the Noble Grape Challenge

Let’s refresh ourselves on what’s going on here – Wine Folly created the Noble Grape Challenge as a way to learn the spectrum of flavours and characteristics found in red and white wines. Taking nine reds and nine whites and going through them from lightest to darkest, we’ll learn about the key characteristics and flavours of each.

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A Friendly Challenge to Re-Stock

A few weeks ago my friend Danielle told me about an article she’d seen in the star where the writer offered some wines to re-stock your wine rack for under $100. If I remember correctly, her exact words were “you could do a much better job”. Well, Danielle, thank you for the compliment and challenge accepted!

In the original article the writer offers five wines – one rosé, two whites and two reds. I suppose the rosé snuck in there because the article was published in March and maybe the writer wanted to prime us all for rosé season. But I think rosés are too seasonal and ethereal to go in a list like this, so instead I’m offering you a sherry.

With a theoretical $100 to spend, here is what I would choose.

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Easter Wine Wish List

This weekend is both Easter and my brother’s birthday, which means two things:

  • My family will have an annual birthday wine tasting in my brother’s honour
  • We will cook some delicious meals (jambalaya! lamb!) which, of course, necessitate the pairing of some delicious wine  

Here are some wines I’m excited to try this weekend. Conveniently they’ve all found their way into the Vintages catalogue at the LCBO, which is where they caught my eye.

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