5 Beers to Keep You Warm on the Longest Night of the Year

I love the winter solstice. Living in the northern hemisphere, each year on December 21st my world is plunged into darkness, giving me the chance to turn inward and reflect on the year, my accomplishments, and my goals and desires for the year ahead. I think many people use New Year’s Eve for this kind of thing, but to me the longest night of the year is the perfect time.


If you’re like me and look forward to curling up for a quiet night each December 21st, consider enjoying one of these fine beers while you take stock of your recent past and immediate future.


Granville Island Brewing – Lions Winter Ale



I know, I know, I’m becoming a broken record about this beer. But it’s just that good! The brewery says it’s the “perfect complement to comfort foods and cozy fires” which of course makes it a must-have on this list. I look forward to this winter seasonal every year – there is just something about it’s spicy-yet-subtly-sweet flavour and solid body that make it so satisfying. I promise I will stop talking about it once you’ve tried it.


Deal? Deal. Now get to your local LCBO and pick some up!


Royal City Brewing – Smoked Honey



Royal City Brewing is a brewery close to my heart. Located in the town I spent my university days in (Guelph, Ontario) and started by a guy I knew while schooling myself there, Royal City is known for making great beers and naming them after iconic Guelph landmarks – one of the exceptions being their amazing Smoked Honey.


It is one part English Ale, one part German Smoked Ale, and all parts delicious. It’s smooth and balanced, with the perfect amount of smoke. I would especially recommend it if you’re wary of the smokey flavour, it’s a great way to be introduced to smoked ales. And man, does it ever go down easy.


Royal City’s Smoked Honey can be found at the brewery in Guelph and at select LCBOs in the Guelph area.


Stoney City Ales – Ships in the Night Oatmeal Stout



If you follow me on Untappd you know that I check in a lot of Stone City beers. I mean a lot. This fantastic brewery operates in my hometown and I make a point to visit every time I come home. I’ve even got my family in on it now! Seldom a visit goes by that someone doesn’t ask me when we’re going for a pint at Stone City. The people there are all so nice, and the beers are really great – I have yet to be disappointed by one of their brews.


I’ll be going home a few days for Christmas and can’t wait to pick up some beers, including their oatmeal stout, Ships in the Night. This beer is toasty and delicious, with flavours of chocolate and coffee. It’s an excellent dessert accompaniment (or dessert entirely!) and would definitely fit the bill as a drink to would warm you up on a cold winter’s night.


Like all their beers, Ships in the Night can only be found at the brewery. Guess you need to plan a trip to Kingston then. Sorry/not sorry.


Side Launch Brewing Company – Dark Lager



This was the first beer in my advent calendar, and was such a welcome way to begin that adventure! It’s a Munich style dark lager that starts out sweet and then gets delightfully malty. It’s not too sweet, not too big and not too bitter, a comfy and cozy sipper. Which, of course, makes it perfect for the purposes of quiet winter contemplation. And, lucky for you, it’s widely available in the LCBO!


Beau’s Brewery – Matt’s Sleepy Time Stout



It’s probably no secret at this point that I love Beau’s beers. I’ve devoted entire posts to their mix packs, and I’m happy to tell you that they’ve re-released one of their stouts for another year. Matt’s Sleepy Time Stout is a Belgian-style imperial stout, which already makes me love it. It is super dark in colour (almost opaque, really) with a medium body, a nice, slightly roasted flavour and, according to the folks at Beau’s, a “lingering, warming alcohol finish”. Yum! Be careful with this guy though, he’s got 8% ABV.


And there you have it – five delicious suggestions for luxuriating in the darkness of the winter solstice. How will you be spending it?


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