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My Wine & Beer Wish List

You’ve been introduced to some gift ideas for the wine lover in your life. Now it’s my turn – here is my own personal wine-and-beer-related wish list.


Sparkling Wine

What holiday is complete without bubbly? A bottle of sparkling always makes a good gift, especially when all you really know about someone is that they like wine. The bubbles somehow make everything special .




This sparkling is a cremant de Bourgogne, which means it’s a sparkling from the Burgundy region of France and made in the traditional method used to make Champagne. Which means it’s delicious. Plus, look at that gorgeously sunny yellow label! Instant festivity.


Society of Beer Drinking Ladies Swag

The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies is an awesome group that was borne out of five womens’ desire to get beer-drinking women together in an atmosphere that doesn’t assume all we want are light beers and only drink it because of or boyfriends. The SOBDL, now nearing the end of its second year, holds a ‘bevvy’ every month exclusively for women to get together and drink beers you can’t find anywhere else.


Plus, they have swag! Toques, glassware, hoodies and even Christmas ornaments. I’m partial to the purple t-shirt, myself.


Wine Charms

An item that combines my love for wine and my love to Harry Potter? How can I resist!





Wine charms are great to have in a drawer somewhere for parties or random Thursday night gatherings. As someone whose mother is constantly taking her wine glass (inadvertently, I’m sure), wine charms are handy for knowing where your glass is, and who’s picked it up by mistake.


For similarly geek-minded friends, this company also has Super Mario, Frozen, and even Ninja Turtles charms. Let the nerdy wine enjoyment commence!


Port or Scotch



The holidays are a time when I like to take advantage of the specialness and indulge in something different. For me that means port and scotch, and I’m lucky that there is often a bottle of something yummy under the tree for me.


This port is 20 years old, which already makes it a treat. On top of that, it’s a tawny, which means it’s been aged in wood barrels and has a nuttiness to its flavour. One of these features would be enough to make me interested so having both goes even further toward this port earning a place on my wish list.


This scotch, on the other hand, is one of my favourites. I’ve had the pleasure and luck to travel to Scotland twice, and both times I’ve gotten to know some of the wonderful whiskies that country has to offer. Benromach is a delicious single malt Speyside scotch. In their words it’s ‘not too wee and not too big’ and while that may make it sound too middle of the road to be enjoyable, let me assure you that is not the case. Instead this scotch is delightfully Goldilocks-ish – enough scotchiness to warm you from the inside out but still gentle enough to make you want to keep sipping.


A Winter Beer SamplerBlackCreekNutceackerPorter-GLBWinterAle

Ah, winter, the time where I turn away from saisons and wheat beers and embrace the depth and heaviness of stouts and porters. This Porter comes highly recommended from my beer-drinking friends and therefore have been on my list for a month or so now. I’m looking forward to seeing picking it up from my local LCBO so I can give it a go. The Great Lakes Brewery winter ale is a mainstay of my cold-weather roster. With its baking spices and orange peel, it’s a great winter warmer.


This Granville Island brew is my current favourite winter ale, with great body and a spiciness that makes me think of chewy gingerbread – a great counterpoint to the chilly air and snowy landscape. Like the porter, this stout comes highly recommended but for some reason I haven’t given it a chance before. Well, no more – I bought one a couple of weeks ago and can’t wait for the perfect quiet winter night to enjoy it.


I could go on, of course, but I’ll leave it at that – for now.
What’s on your wish list?

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