The Wine Show

You guys, I just came across something wonderful.


The British tv channel ITV has created a show about wine. Aptly (if boringly) titled The Wine Show, it stars Matthew Goode (my future husband) and Matthew Rhys (I guess he can come too) as they traipse about Italy, tasting and talking about that delicious nectar.


Not sold? See for yourself!



Seriously, how adorable is Matthew Goode talking about bubbly? “A glass of giggles” – I completely agree. And the level of surprise hearing the price of that “more than 100 pounds” wine! My reaction would be the same.


The show says it aims to explore stories about wine but also about the world around us which, when you think about it, is really what wine is all about.


“It’s about weather, soil, grapes and people” – AMEN.


Don’t you want to just jump into that show? Tooling around Italy, drinking and learning about wine with two attractive British actors sounds pretty good to me. I’ll have to settle for finding a way to watch it, which might prove difficult enough.
If you need me I’ll be daydreaming about drinking Italian wine escapades with adorable men.



Oh man, they just released this adorable and hilarious clip. 



Listen, I can’t talk now, alright? I need to book a flight to Italy, STAT!

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