Back in the Game with Survey Results

WOW – I really didn’t mean to just up and leave like that! Looks like I needed a bigger break than the one I took over the holidays.


hermione embarrassed

That gap between posts – so embarrassing.


Here’s the thing. I am a profoundly impatient person. I have always had trouble with being in the moment or enjoying the journey, happily plugging away while the rest sorts itself out. I want the end result, and I wanted it yesterday. So, on reaching the one-year anniversary of Palate Practice and seeing that many of the goals I’d set for that first year were still unaccomplished… well, I got frustrated, and all the burning ambition I had for this blog evaporated.


But when it comes down to it I love exploring and learning about wine and beer, and I love writing about these adventures and sharing them with you. So this is my way of fighting back to that happy-ambitious spot.


Ever onward, folks!


So, where were we? Right – the survey!


Thanks to everyone who filled out the Palate Practice reader survey (hint – I’m still taking responses!). It’s been a great insight into who is reading and what you’re enjoying.


Things I Learned About You

  • You’re so open-minded! You are completely happy to go along for the Palate Practice ride. This is a humbling place to be.
  • Less than half of you skipped the question about what you want to see less of, which leads me to believe that you are happy to read a variety of things, yay!
  • While most of you live in Canada, you run the gamut in terms of age and knowledge of wine and beer.


Things You Can Look Forward To As We Go Forward

  • More about my personal wine journey. It’s where this blog began and where it feels like it belongs.
  • More LCBO hauls – let’s discover new things together!
  • The continuation of my experience working through the Noble Grape Challenge – I’ve got to see this thing through!
  • Some new kinds of posts mixing wine and beer with food and travel – it looks like we’re both interested in all these things, so let’s see where they take us.


I’ve got lots of other ideas and things I’m working on that I will eagerly share with you when they come to fruition. Get excited!


Oh, and one more thing – thanks for sticking around, it means a lot!

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