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One-Year Blogaversary



January 24th was the first anniversary of the first post here on Palate Practice. That feels like a big accomplishment! I decided to celebrate it in a truly fitting way (parade, day of honour – the usual), but as I got out my bunting materials and bucket of ticker tape I thought, “you know, this doesn’t feel right”.


So instead of having yet another public festival celebrating my accomplishments, I started thinking of all the things I learned and experienced over the course of this first year of blogging.


A short-list of lessons learned

  • I don’t know nearly as much about wine and beer as I thought I did
  • I’m ok with that
  • I’m excited to learn more
  • I have so many more ideas than I thought I would
  • I can do it! I can keep this up for an entire year!


And that last lessons brings me to the second part of this post – help me learn more about you! Below is a link to a short survey (shouldn’t take you longer than 5 minutes) where I hope you’ll share with me your thoughts on the blog, what you like or (gasp!) don’t like, and what you want to read about in the future. Because one thing is certain: I’m not leaving this blog any time soon.

Take my survey!


And, in case I forget to say it later, THANK YOU. Thank you (yes, you) for your support, for your comments, and for reading anything I’ve written here! I can’t wait to keep writing, and I hope you’ll keep reading.

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